Clissold New Year Bash

Join Andrew, David and Jill to roll in the New Year at The Clissold Arms on Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd January 2023 with a new fun competition.

It's a 64 player event at our favourite North London pub. There will be a minimum 4 matches for all, a buffet lunch included and a £1600 prize pool*, plus side pools of £10, £20 and £50 with 100% return.

Play starts from 12pm. Matches are all 5 points. There will be a Main, Consolation, Second Chance and Last Chance knockouts.

Registration is just £50 for UKBGF Members or £60 for non members and includes all entry fees.

The Clissold Arms, 105 Fortis Green, Muswell Hill, London N2 9HR.


    • 1st Roni Sofroniou

    • 2nd Alex Leighton


    • 1st Michael Flesch

    • 2nd Richard Halvorsen

3rd Chance

    • 1st Ilke Tuna

    • 2nd Bek Barbaros

Last Chance

    • 1st Annie Craig

    • 2nd David Brown

See the full draw here

Alex Leighton vs Roni Sofroniou (Final)

Clissold Arms

*Half of the £50 registration fee will go towards the prize pool. Assuming a 64 player field the prize pool will be £1600. This will be reduced if fewer players register. The prize pool will be split across all four flights 40/30/20/10%

Your entry is not confirmed until you have paid your registration fee.  Places will be given in the order that payment is received.  Everyone else will go on a waiting list in case players drop out.  Once the tournament has been filled, a player unable to attend will only be given a registration refund once their place has been refilled.

The standard rules as set out in the UKBGF Rules and Code of Conduct will apply in this competition. A copy of these will be available for inspection at the event.  

Please bring a board to play on.


  1. Adam Bass

  2. Afshin Foulad

  3. Alec Barr

  4. Alex Leighton

  5. Anna Parker

  6. Anna Price

  7. Aydin Kolcak

  8. Bek Barbaros

  9. Can Cag

  10. Catalin Bucur

  11. Crispin Duke

  12. Daniel Rovira

  13. Danny Cohen

  14. David Brown

  15. David Chapman

  16. David Gwinnutt

  17. Edward Leighton

  18. Florin Daniel Balan

  19. George Satanas

  20. Harvey Kass

  21. Hussein Nasser

  22. Ilke Tuna

  23. Ioannis Argyrou

  24. Ivan Scheer

  25. Joel Lambregts

  26. John Tuzcu

  27. Jon Barnes

  28. Koray Kolcak

  29. Larry Smyth

  30. Lesley Schiff

  31. Lewis Potter

  32. Linda Taylor

  33. Mahmoud Jahanbani

  34. Martin Sher

  35. Michael Battat

  36. Michael Flesch

  37. Mick Kamintzi

  38. Neculai Axinte

  39. Nicky Freud

  40. Paul Rose

  41. Pavlos Hatzinikolaou

  42. Perry Simmons

  43. Peter Greane

  44. Raj Jansari

  45. Raymond Kershaw

  46. Reza Aghdam

  47. Richard Halvorsen

  48. Richard Hartigan

  49. Ricky Michaels

  50. Roni Sofroniou

  51. Sean Clennell

  52. Simon Gasquoine

  53. Souzan Modjtabavi

  54. Tad Collins

  55. Trudi Seely

  56. Vicky Gilbart