The London Masters (Live Play)

Registration now closed with 61 players

The London Masters is a brand new live event for the London Calendar.

It Starts February 2022. The registration is £55.

You will be drawn into a Round Robin group of 4 players. Matches are 13pts. The winner of this gets £50 and the 2nd £30 and 3rd £20. In case we have any 5 player groups, the pay out will be £55/35/25/10. This is an average return of £25 per player.

The top two players in each group go into the Masters bracket, and other players into the Consolation bracket.

Starting in March, the Masters and Consolation are single with 13pt matches. There will be optional side pools for the knockouts of £10, £20 & £50 with a 100% return.

The prize for winning the Masters is a Golden Gammon competition board. The Consolation prize is a Wycliff board.

Any one entering this will receive a £5* discount to the London Open 2022.

The details:

Payment must be received by the 31st January 2022.

All players must be available to play their matches live in London. If agreement on cannot be reached, matches will be played in the bar of the Ambassadors Bloomsbury Hotel.

All matches will be UKBGF rated and follow the UKBGF rules and Covid policy. If the Covid position worsens again, we may instruct you to play online.

The round robin phase will run between the 2nd March 2022 and 30th April 2022. Players will be put randomly into groups of 4 players. It is your responsibility to arrange your matches. You score 2 points for a win and 1 point for a loss. The RR tiebreak will be by head to head result first, then points won.

The top two places in each RR go into the Masters and the remainder into the Consolation.

The Masters and Consolation will both be single elimination competitions. Matches are to 13pts. Matches are clock preference and default to 2m + 12s if agreement cannot not reached. The respective finals will be played at the Ambassadors Hotel and are likely to be streamed with live commentary.

The first prize in the Masters is a P-40 competition board and the first prize in the Consolation is a Wycliff 21 inch competition board. In addition there will be optional side pools for each competition of £10, £20 & £50. Each side pool has a pay out of 10%, 10%, 35%, 45% with a 100% return.

*Players will receive a £5 discount to the London Open 2022. This offer is not transferable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.

UKBGF Rules apply. It is Clock Preference with 90 seconds per point + 12 seconds delay.

You are expected to make every effort to turn up once you have arranged your match. If you are more than 30 minutes late, your opponent is entitled to claim the match. The same applies if you don't respond to match requests and the match is not played.

Golden Gammon board

Wycliff 21 inch board


  1. Adrian Farthing

  2. Afshin Foulad

  3. Alan Briefel

  4. Alex Cass

  5. Alexander Polden

  6. Andrew Selby

  7. Bek Barbaros

  8. Ben Owen

  9. Brenda Rosen

  10. Catalin Bucur

  11. Chris Hamilton

  12. Chris O’Connor

  13. Christopher J Rogers

  14. Daan Posthuma

  15. Damien Ricaud

  16. Danny Cohen

  17. David Chapman

  18. David Collins

  19. David Dennis

  20. David Tulip

  21. Fabricio Cardoso

  22. Gary Watson

  23. George Jacobs

  24. Gul Gokyokus

  25. Harvey Kass

  26. Jason Masimore

  27. John Ashelford

  28. John Broomfield

  29. Johnny Bispham

  30. Kazuhiro Shino

  31. Ken Gibson

  32. Kevin John Bailey

  33. Larry Smyth

  34. Lewis Potter

  35. Martin Sher

  36. Mehmet Ismail

  37. Merrin Rose

  38. Michael Flesch

  39. Mike Ireland

  40. Mitch Connolly

  41. Neculai Axinte

  42. Neil Taylor

  43. Nicholas Fletcher

  44. Nick Sandqvist

  45. Paolo Barone

  46. Paul White

  47. Pete Heskett

  48. Peter Bennet

  49. Ralph Makhan

  50. Richard Halvorsen

  51. Roger Phillips

  52. Romolo Mudu

  53. Sal Leong

  54. Saravanan Sathyanandha

  55. Sean Clennell

  56. Simon Gasquoine

  57. Stephen Booth

  58. Steve Mitchell

  59. Sue Perks

  60. Suzy Collis

  61. Tad Collins

  62. Tony Steward