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The London Open

There is a fantastic history of backgammon in London. This year our aim to make it as accessible to as many online players as possible by keeping our registration fees as low as possible. We have not only opened the field to 256 players, but have have introduced a fun entry of just £10/£15*. For this, you should get a minimum of five matches over three days and there will be a prize for the player who wins the most matches. For everyone else, the entry is £20/£25*.

  • £20 with a chance to win one of our six Erhan boards and optional side pool entry. £25 if you are not a UKBGF member*.

  • £10 to play with no prizes or side pool entry. £15 if you are not a UKBGF member*.

Saturday, Everyone enters Double Elimination 1 (11 points) - 4 rounds on Saturday, continues on Sunday and Monday.

  • Side Pools of £10, £20 and £50 (Pay with registration). First prize: The latest Erhan competition board, not yet released to the public, worth £650. Second prize: Erhan board.

Sunday, Double Elimination 2 (9 points). Everyone knocked out of on the first day will go into this. Continues on Monday.

  • Side Pools of £10 (pay on the day). First and second : Erhan boards.

Monday, Both Double Eliminations continue. Everyone knocked out Sunday can enter into the Last Chance (7 points).

  • Side Pool of £10 (pay on the day). First and second : Erhan boards.

Each side pool has a payout of 10%, 10%, 35%, 45% with a 100% return! Matches to be played on Heroes with 90 seconds per point and 10 seconds delay.

Important GDPR notice: With so many players, it is impractical for us to contact missing players. So, to enable players to contact opponents directly, we will be sharing phone numbers in a directory for players during the competition. If you don't want your contact details being shared please let us know. However, if your opponent cannot reach you and you are late for your match your opponent will be awarded penalty points and ultimately the match.

All matches to be played on Backgammon Studio Heroes.

Selected matches will be live streamed with Julian Fetterlein and guests.

All matches are UKBGF Rated.

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Zigi with P40

Charles with P40

George with Erhan

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