The Memorial 2022


As the Memorial is now a UKBGF Tour event, this year we decided to cut down on the number of prize boards and have a cash prize fund instead. The fund will be split between the Main, Consolation and Last Chance. You can see an example of how it is split below.

  • Bronze £55 UKBGF Members / £60 Non UKBGF

  • Silver £75 UKBGF Members / £80 Non UKBGF

  • Gold £100 UKBGF Members / £105 Non UKBGF

All players will be in the Bronze pool with £25 of the registration going into the prize fund. Silver will have an additional £20 added, and Gold will have an additional £25 added.

The prize fund and will be split between the Main 60%, Consolation 30% and Last Chance 10%. Assuming that there are the maximum of 96 players in the Masters, the Bronze prize distribution will be Main £1,440, Consolation £720, Last Chance £240. The prize fund for the Silver and Gold will be distributed in the same proportions.

In the Main and Consolation, the prize pool will be split 45/35/10/10 for the top four places. The side pools will be split in the same way. In the Last Chance it will be a 70/30 split.

The side pools for the Main are £10, £20 and £50 with 100% return- you can enter as many pools as you like. The Consolation will have two pools of £10, and the Last Chance has a £10 side pool.

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