The Golden Gammon Players Championship


The Players Championship returns at the Ambassadors Hotel in Central London on the 11th and 12th December 2021.

We have an amazing top prize of a tournament Golden Gammon board and, as ever, there are seven great prizes for the other winners and runners up.

Entry for this event is just £50 or £55 for non UKBGF Members, which includes Arrival tea, coffee and light snacks. There will be additional discounts available for food at this venue.

The event will our usual format of a Saturday "double eliminator" and a Sunday Main, Consolation and Last Chance. There will be side pools available at £10, £20 & £50 with a 100% which are payable at the event.

Covid 19 - We want to keep a safe environment for all our players and staff. You may be asked for your vaccine status or to take a LFT. If you register and can't come because of Covid we will give a full refund. Please check the UKBGF page for details.

The maximum number of players will be 128. See the bottom of the page for each days format. All matches will be All matches are UKBGF rated, and likely to be our first entry to the WBGF World Ratings.

Registration from 10am, play from 11am

The final and selected matches throughout the tournament will be recorded and livestreamed.

Assuming a full 128 players, the format will be -

1st prize: Golden Gammon board

Ambassadors Hotel
12 Upper Woburn Place,
London, WC1H 0HX

This can change if we have a smaller field of players but should remain broadly similar.

If you have any queries about the event, please email us at


  1. Adrian Farthing

  2. Alain Dekker

  3. Alex Ward

  4. Alexander Polden

  5. Alfonso Sara

  6. Anna Clarke

  7. Anna Price

  8. Aref Alipour

  9. Balan Florin

  10. Bek Barbaros

  11. Brendan Burgess

  12. Cecilia Rogers

  13. Chris Filby

  14. Chris O'Connor

  15. Christopher J Rogers

  16. Cristiana Fedeles

  17. Cynthia Roberts

  18. Dan Rovira

  19. David Brown

  20. David Nathan

  21. Hazel Boucher

  22. Irina Smith

  23. Jerry White

  24. John Broomfield

  25. Jon Barnes

  26. Julian Minwalla

  27. Kev Jones

  28. Kevin John Bailey

  29. Lawrence Powell

  30. Lewis Potter

  31. Lodvic Youssef

  32. Mahmoud Jahanbani

  33. Marcela Babias

  34. Marcus Keighley

  35. Martin Barkwill

  36. Martin Sher

  37. Martyn Hamer

  38. Matthew Fisher

  39. Maurice Ekpenyong

  40. Merrin Rose

  41. Michael Flesch

  42. Michele de Havilland

  43. Mike Ireland

  44. Morris Rashty

  45. Neculai Axinte

  46. Nicholas Check

  47. Nim Black

  48. Paolo Barone

  49. Patrick Toxvaerd

  50. Paul White

  51. Pedros Semeou

  52. Pete Heskett

  53. Peter Bennet

  54. Peter Hodson

  55. Radu Ciortan

  56. Reece Hodges

  57. Roger Phillips

  58. Roland Archer

  59. Romolo Mudu

  60. Rosalie Johnson

  61. Rowena Paliwoda

  62. Sal Leong

  63. Sarah Jolliff

  64. Saravanan Sathyanandha

  65. Sean Clennell

  66. Sebastian Adams

  67. Sidi Shalku

  68. Simon Morecroft

  69. Stefan Paliwoda

  70. Stephen Carder

  71. Steve Bibby

  72. Steve OConnor

  73. Stuart Mann

  74. Sue Perks

  75. Suzy Collis

  76. Tad Collins

  77. Tiberiu Bostan

  78. Tim Line

  79. Tony Steward

  80. Trudi Seely

  81. Vaidas Budrys

  82. Wayne Joseph