Players Championship 2022

Saturday 26th November and Sunday 27th November

Hilton Hotel Euston, 17-18 Upper Woburn Pl, London WC1H 0HT

Strictly limited to 64 players.

Here are the draw sheets for the London Players competition
London Players Championships 2022 - 64 players (live)

  • Main

    • 1st David Lazarus

    • 2nd Chris O'Connor

  • Consolation

    • 1st Jysen Quah

    • 2nd Jon Barnes

  • Last Chance

    • 1st Lewis Potter

    • 2nd Can Cag

Entry just £70 for UKBGF members, £75 non members.

£1000 prize money split between Main/Consolation/Last Chance*

Saturday qualifying: Win 3 matches with one loss to qualify for main + Knockout for12 remaining places.

Sunday 32 player Main and 32 player Consolation. Last Chance + Speed.

Saturday registration from 9.30am. Start at 11am on both days.

Side pools of £10, £20 and £50 to be paid on Saturday during registration. Winners split 50/30/10/10 in the Main only. Sunday side pools for the Consolation £10 and £20 also split 50/30/10/10. All side pools have a 100% return.

We are full for this competition

  • Alain Dekker

  • Alex Ellerington

  • Alexander Polden

  • anna parker

  • Anna Price

  • Aydin Kolcak

  • Bek Barbaros

  • Betty Poll

  • Can Cag

  • Catalin Bucur

  • Chris Neal

  • Christopher O'Connor

  • Daniel Rovira

  • Danny Cohen

  • Darryl Artt

  • David Brown

  • David Dennis

  • Emad Salib

  • Fabricio Cardoso

  • Gabriel George

  • George Jacobs

  • Harvey Kass

  • Jason Pack

  • John Broomfield

  • Jon Barnes

  • Jysen Quah

  • Kevin Bailey

  • Larry Smyth

  • Lawrence Powell

  • Lewis Potter

  • Marin Aniel Ciobanu

  • Martin Sher

  • Martyn Hamer

  • Mehmet Ismail

  • Merrin Rose

  • Michele de Havilland

  • Mike Ireland

  • Neculai Axinte

  • Nick Sandqvist

  • Nicole Coleman

  • Parvin Faridian

  • Petar Vidovic

  • Pete Heskett

  • Peter Bennet

  • Peter Hodson

  • Roger Phillips

  • Romolo Mudu

  • Rowena Paliwoda

  • Saravanan Sathyanandha

  • Sean Clennell

  • Simon Barget

  • Simon Morecroft

  • Sol Day

  • Stefan Paliwoda

  • Stephen Carder

  • Stephen OConnor

  • Steve Mitchell

  • Tad Collins

  • Tariq Siddiqi

  • Tom O'Connor

  • Trudi Seely

  • Vicky Gilbart

  • Wayne Joseph

  • Zigi Fibert

Full Details (please check for updates)

Matches are clock mandatory and are set to 90 seconds + 12s delay.
We only have a few clocks, so if you don't own one, you will be asked to use a mobile app timer. These can be downloaded for free from Google Play (and I assume from Apple store). Leap make a simple chess timer which can be bought for around £15 from eBay and Amazon.

*The £1000 prize money is subject to 64 players. In case we are not sold out, there will be £15 deducted from this for each unsold place.

Rules are as set down by the UKBGF here.

If there is any problem or dispute, you must report it to the TD as soon as it is noticed. There will be a ruling committee (RC) made up of players at the event. You may appeal the decision of the TD to the RC who's decision is final.

Your entry is not confirmed until you have paid your registration fee. Only the first 64 players who pay will be confirmed. Everyone else will go on a waiting list in case any players drop out.