Players Championship 2023

Saturday 16th December and Sunday 17th December

Clissold Arms, 105 Fortis Green, Muswell Hill, London N2 9HR

Strictly limited to 64 players - Priority to UKBGF Members

Your final chance to win a place at the 2024 TWI

Registration and Entry just £75 for UKBGF members, £80 non members.

Includes buffet lunch on Saturday and Sunday

£1,500 prize money split between Main/Consolation/Last Chance*

DMP competition included for a Erhan bespoke travel board.


Saturday qualifying: Win 3 matches with maximum one loss to qualify for Sundays knockout.

Sunday 32 player Main and 32 player Consolation and Last Chance.

Guaranteed three round each day.

Saturday registration from 9.00am. Start at 10.30am Saturday / 10am Sunday.

Side pools of £10, £20 and £50 to be paid on Saturday during registration.

You may enter any or all of the side pools, and this is split across the Main, Consolation and Last Chance 60/30/10 with a 70/30 split between the two highest placed players in each pool.

Side Pools must be paid in cash.  Please bring a board if you can (not too large though).

Full Details (please check for updates)

Matches are clock mandatory and are set to 90 seconds + 12s delay.
There will be clocks available to buy priced £10.

*The £1500 prize money is subject to 64 players.  In case we are not sold out, there will be £20 deducted from this for each unsold place.

Rules and Code of Conduct are as set down by the UKBGF here.  

If there is any problem or dispute, you must report it to the TD as soon as it is noticed.  There will be a ruling committee (RC) made up of players at the event.  You may appeal the decision of the TD to the RC who's decision is final.

The TD's reserve the right to change any aspect of the format to enable the smooth running of the tournament.

Your entry is not confirmed until you have paid your registration fee.  Only the first 64 players who pay will be confirmed.  Everyone else will go on a waiting list in case any players drop out.

As this is the final UKBGF tour event of the year, we are giving priority booking to UKBGF members.  The priority booking period ends 29th October. Non-members can register now and they will be invited to take any available places in the order that the registrations are received.

Saturday Undefeated 9 points, 1 loss 7 points, 2 loss 3 points.
Sunday Main 9 points, Consolation 7 points, Last Chance 5 points.

Results from 2022 competition

Here are the draw sheets for the London Players Championships
London Players Championships 2022 - 64 players (live)

We are back at the Clissold Arms for a fantastic weekend of backgammon and plenty of their wonderful food.

Close to East Finchley Underground

Registration is now full with a reserve list.  

Registered Players