The UK Online National Championship


Backgammon London in association with Golden Gammon and the UKBGF are hosting the

The UK Online National Championships

From 1st February 2022 with rounds every 2 weeks

Open to any players who are British Nationals’ or players that live in the UK.

Format: 13 Point Triple Elimination More Swiss with clock set to 90s+10. Matches will be played on Backgammon Hub.

We have three levels of entry:

Bronze: £15 or £10 for UKBGF Members - win a competition size Golden Gammon board worth $550

Silver: £20 or £15 for UKBGF Members - win £500 cash prize

Gold: £25 or £20 for UKBGF Members - win both the board and £500

Additional side pools of £10, £20 & £50 with 100% return.

The winner also receives the lovely trophy pictured on the right.

The draw for the first round will be on the 1st February 2022, and then each round will be drawn every 14 days. Play is on Backgammon Hub. You agree a start time with your opponent, then if one player doesn't turn up within 15 minutes of the scheduled time they forfeit the match. If the match isn't played within the period both players will lose.

All matches are UKBGF rated.

Winners Trophies

1st Prize: Golden Gammon
Full Sized Competition Board

Note: This is for British Nationals or players that live in the UK. If a non eligible player takes part, they will not win any prizes, will not have any refund after the first round draw is made and may be removed from the competition at any time. Players may be asked to prove their eligibility.

We reserved the right to record any match and to set the date and time of selected matches including the final.

The side pools will be 70/30 to the highest placed players in each side pool, unless players agree something different before the final commences.

The tournament directors are Andrew Selby, David Potter & Alfie Kirkpatrick

Our More Swiss format will generally follow the format developed by Rory Pascar. You can read more about it here

UKBGF Membership

Backgammon London are committed to supporting the UKBGF We offer discounts to members at our events, and also run competitions in partnership with the UKBGF. Membership is £25 per year or £60 for three years. Youth membership* is free for under 26 year olds and students* (conditions apply*)

We are offering UKBGF members discounts on these events:

  • The Players Championship - £5

  • The Memorial - £5

  • UK National Online Championships - £5

  • The London Open - £5

  • The UK National Online Championships - £5

  • Backgammon Hub Challenge - Free

  • The UKBGF National League - Free

  • The UKBGF National Knockout - Free