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Watch Tim Cross vs Stuart Mann in Div 1 Q1 2021

The UKBGF League Has just finished it's third quarter. The Division 1 champ was Peter Bennet who only just got promoted to div 1. Gaz Owen is runner up but the mighty Tim Cross and Raj Jansari are demoted by points difference. Simon K Jones wins Division 2 by points difference over Danny De Meester. Our own Andrew Selby is relegated for the second time in a row. Come on Andrew, you're heading in the wrong direction.

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The P-40 Knockout is entering the final round. Gaz Owen is already in the final and is waiting for the winner between two of the UKBGF board members, John McNeill and Kev Jones.

Instructions for entering your results

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Joining in January 2022

  1. Linda Taylor

Q2 2021 top three divisions

League Rules

The League and Knockout competitions are for UKBGF members only. Join the UKBGF and then register for the competitions to be included in the next quarter.

You need to maintain your membership whilst playing in these competitions. If your membership lapses you won't be able to enter results and won't be eligible to win prizes.


The quarters run as follows:

  • 16th January to 25th March

  • 1st April to 25th June

  • 1st July to 25th September

  • 1st October to 25th December

By joining the league you are committing yourself to play all your five opponents each quarter.

We know that there may be times that it is not possible. If you are going through one of those exceptional situations, please let the people in your division know and also inform the TDs. If you don't, you could be relegated two divisions or even removed from the league.

If you drop out of the league at any time you may re-join in the future at the bottom of the league.

Each division contains six players. You will need to play one 11 point match against every other player in your division.

Any platform and clock speed can be decided between the players. However, if agreement can't be reached, the default position is to play in the dedicated UKBGF Online League room on Studio Heroes. which is preset to 90 seconds per point and 10 seconds delay. This is non-negotiable if one player insists.

The scoring is 3 points for a win and 1 point for a loss. The top two players will be promoted and bottom two relegated. However, as the league has a pyramid structure, divisions at the top of a tier will only have one promotion spot.

In the event of a tie on points, promotion and demotion tie breaks will be by score difference (GPD), then head to head score, then by players online rating at the start of the quarter. If there is still a tie it will be decided by a toss of a coin.

The winner is responsible for entering the result on the UKBGF website. Note, if requested by the TDs, a match file must be produced - failure to do so may mean the match being voided.

Online results will count towards your UKBGF online rating. All league and knockout matches must be played online.

Players who have not played a single game by the 1st December will NOT be permitted to play any games that Quarter, and will automatically be placed bottom of their Division.

If there is a reason that you cannot complete your matches, please immediately inform the players in your division, and the TD's, as soon as you know. The TD's do not want to penalise you if you have difficult circumstances , and will be sympathetic in these trying times.

We are also going to take a harsh view on any players who play 2 matches or fewer, with a reserved position to automatically demote them a further two divisions , save in the event of mitigating circumstances of course.

Finally those only having played 3 or 4 matches, "dead-rubbers" aside, will equally be faced with a "first warning" and , thereafter, in the event of further failures to complete matches in subsequent Quarters, may be met with automatic relegations.

If you have tried to arrange your match but are getting no response from your opponent, please contact the TDs no later than 2 weeks before the end of the quarter.

There are no walkovers or defaults in the League. We don't award points to anyone when the match isn't played.


The knockout competition is free to all UKBGF members. For 2021 the first prize is a P-40 backgammon board and second prize is an Erhan 869 board.

Each round must be completed by the published deadline. If any match is not played, both players will be eliminated unless one player can prove that they have made reasonable efforts to arrange their match. In this instance it is accepted by all who enter that the TDs have total discretion in awarding the match if proven.

Note there will be instances when players forget their arranged matches. In the spirit of the League we expect both players to act reasonably and the player waiting to have made every effort to contact their opponent.


The tournament directors are Andrew Selby, David Potter and Tony Lezard.

By joining the League and or Knockout you agree that your contact details are shared with other players for the purpose of arranging matches.

When agreement can't be reached over playing platform and speed, the match will be played on Backgammon Heroes in the External Tournaments | UKBGF League & Cup room where the match is preset with 90 second per point and 10 seconds delay.

The tournament directors reserve the right to remove players from the league and knockout at their absolute discretion.

The tournament directors reserve the right to make changes to the format and rules if deemed necessary in the future.

Some selected matches from both League and Knockout will be streamed with commentary. We will let you know if you have been selected, and ask you for your cooperation with the scheduling.

Finally, these events are run by the members, for the members, and it is your responsibility to make it a pleasant experience for your opponent. We will not tolerate rudeness. If in doubt, please read the UKBGF Code of Conduct.

403 Signed up

  • Adrian Farthing

  • Afshin Foulad

  • Ahmed Sayed

  • Ahmet Ozyakar

  • Alan Briefel

  • Alan Hind

  • Alan Joicey

  • Alastair Woods

  • Alex Ellerington

  • Alex Hannam

  • Alex Ward

  • Alexander Polden

  • Alexandru Pascu

  • Alistair Ketner

  • Andrew Darby

  • Andrew Fotiadis

  • Andrew Hunter

  • Andrew Lister

  • Andrew Selby

  • Andrew Shand

  • Andrew Tucker-Peake

  • Andy Boysan

  • Andy Brown

  • Anita Marholm

  • Ann Maher

  • Ann Pocknell

  • Anna Clarke

  • Anna Price

  • Annie Craig

  • Antonio Rochira

  • Aref Alipour

  • Arthur Thurgood

  • Astrid Phillips

  • Barry Gittleman

  • Bashar Rassam

  • Beat Zaugg

  • Beata Kiss

  • Becca Bell

  • Becca Sweetman

  • Ben Owen

  • Bill Markham

  • Bill McGuigan

  • Bill Williamson

  • Bogdan Nistor

  • Brenda Rafferty

  • Brenda Rosen

  • Brian Lever

  • Caspar Jacobs

  • Cat Bucur

  • Cato Fordham

  • Cecilia Sparke

  • Cemal Geceli

  • Charles Hill

  • Charles Montagu

  • Charles Pickard

  • Ching Ho Li

  • Chris Brant

  • Chris Bray

  • Chris Evans

  • Chris Gibbins

  • Chris Hamilton

  • Chris Hughes

  • Chris Humble

  • Chris J Rogers

  • Chris O’Connor

  • Chris Palmer

  • Chris Purchase

  • Christian Denereaz

  • Christoph Deiter

  • Christopher Phelps

  • CJ Uttley

  • Colin Burrows

  • Colin Whiers

  • Costel Munteanu

  • Crispin Duke

  • Cristian Cozos

  • Cristian Ghena

  • Cynthia Roberts

  • Daan Posthuma

  • Damien Ricaud

  • Damon Heath

  • Dan Pascu

  • Dan Rovira

  • Dan Ursan

  • Daniel Molan

  • Daniil Gubarev

  • Danny Cohen

  • Danny De Meester

  • Danny Gallagher

  • Darren Woodcock

  • Darryl Artt

  • Dave Clifton

  • Dave Davies

  • Dave Motley

  • Dave Pritchard

  • David Brown

  • David Cook

  • David Curtis

  • David Dennis

  • David Gallagher

  • David James Collins

  • David Lazarus

  • David Nathan

  • David Phillips

  • David Potter

  • David Rigby

  • David Sanders (Worcester)

  • David Tulip

  • Dean Cartwright

  • Denby Pettitt

  • Denis Mikhaylov

  • Dominic Murgia

  • Donald Sharpe

  • Dorothy Lee

  • Doug Simon

  • Edward Leighton

  • Elizabeth Ashfield

  • Emad Salib

  • Ergin Ahmet

  • Eric Maillebiau

  • Eva Zizkova

  • Evan Williams

  • Fabricio Cardoso

  • Farzin Aarabi

  • Farzin Yazdi

  • Gareth Thomas

  • Garry Brown

  • Garry Jones

  • Gary Barnett

  • Gary Fisher

  • Gary Madgwick

  • Gavin Johnson

  • Gaz Owen

  • Geoff Hall

  • George Jacobs

  • George Madgwick

  • George Tours

  • George Toursoulopoulos

  • Georgios Papazoglou

  • Gerald Whitehouse

  • Gillian Misrahi

  • Graeme Turner

  • Grant Hoffman

  • Gregge Madan

  • Hafiz Bakhshaliyev

  • Harry Petrakas

  • Hazel Boucher

  • Henry Keane

  • Honza Cerny

  • Hugh Shand

  • Hüseyin Güzel

  • Ian Gwynne

  • Ian Squire

  • Ian Tarr

  • Ian Turner

  • Ian Vaughan

  • Ioannis Atmatzidis

  • Irving Czechowicz

  • Itzhak Rasooly

  • Jack Webster

  • Jacob Rose

  • Jacques Wehli

  • James Newman

  • James Ramsey

  • James T Slomkoski

  • Jamie Dowling

  • Jamie Evans

  • Jamie MacPherson

  • Janette Hodgkinson

  • Jason Champion

  • Jason Masimore

  • Jeff Bale

  • Jeff Proctor

  • Jenny Cooper

  • Jerry White

  • Jesper Carlsson

  • Jim Smart

  • Jo Bell

  • Joerg Raabe

  • John Gallagher

  • John Hedge

  • John Horton

  • John McNeill

  • John Plummer

  • John Smye

  • Jol Wardle

  • Jon Barnes

  • Jonathan O'Grady

  • Jonathan Shaul

  • Jules Smith

  • Julia Hayward

  • Julian Clark

  • Julian Fetterlein

  • Julian Minwalla

  • Justin Rose

  • Karen Jones

  • Katharine McMaster

  • Keith Gill

  • Ken Gibson

  • Kevin Bailey

  • Kevin Jones

  • Kevin Peters

  • Kim Medway

  • Kristian Mills

  • Larry Smyth

  • Lawrence Powell

  • Lee Bakewell

  • Lewis Potter

  • Linda Taylor

  • Luca Mills

  • Lucy Friedman

  • Lucy Winslow

  • Luke Baker

  • Lynda Clay

  • Mahmoud Jahanbani

  • Makan Mohammadi Ostadkalayeh

  • Marc Le Campion

  • Maria Ferguson

  • Marius Marin

  • Mark Bernstein

  • Mark Dixon

  • Mark Manley

  • Mark Robinson

  • Mark Smyth

  • Martin Barkwill

  • Martin Brown

  • Martin Chadwick

  • Martin Craig

  • Martin Reade

  • Martin Toye

  • Martyn Hamer

  • Mat Lopez

  • Matt Ellison

  • Matthew Fisher

  • Maurice Ekpenyong

  • Maxim McDonald

  • Maya Gould

  • Mehmet Adil Ayhan

  • Mehmet Ismail

  • Melek Say

  • Merrin Rose

  • Michael Flesch

  • Michael Hewson

  • Michael Mullineux

  • Michael Petrakas

  • Michael Skinner

  • Michail Proukakis

  • Michele De Havilland

  • Michihito Kageyama

  • Mike Grabsky

  • Mike Ireland

  • Mike Levi

  • Mike Michaels

  • Mike Shewry

  • Mike Williams (Warwick)

  • Mutlu Ustun

  • Neculai Axinte

  • Neil Clarke

  • Neil Foston

  • Neil Shotton

  • Neil Taylor

  • Neil Webb

  • Nick Baker

  • Nick Close

  • Nick Ray

  • Nick Sandqvist

  • Nicky Check

  • Nicole Coleman

  • Nigel Belton

  • Nigel Hamill

  • Nils Figenschou

  • Norman Hessler

  • Oliver Squire

  • Paolo Barone

  • Pat Holly

  • Paul Goldstein

  • Paul Plumptre

  • Paul Smart

  • Pearl Foster

  • Pete Daly

  • Pete Heskett

  • Peter Bennet

  • Peter Booth

  • Peter Christmas

  • Peter Falter

  • Peter Frost

  • Peter Hodson

  • Peter Hughes

  • Peter Snape

  • Peter Stevens

  • Phil Perelmuter

  • Phil Tutchings

  • Philippe Gerard

  • Rachel Rhodes

  • Radu Ciortan

  • Raj Jansari

  • Ray Kershaw

  • Reece Hodges

  • Reece McLean

  • Reinhold Drugowitsch

  • Rhodi Ramsay

  • Richard Carter

  • Richard Coles

  • Richard Furborough

  • Richard Halvorsen

  • Richard McQuillan

  • Richard Munslow

  • Richard Philip

  • Richard Wesley

  • Ricky Forleo

  • Rob Perry

  • Robin Gunney

  • Rodryk Schönfeld

  • Roger Phillips

  • Roger Salmon

  • Roland Archer

  • Romolo Mudu

  • Ron Havenhand

  • Roni Sofroniou

  • Rory Pascar

  • Rosalie Johnson

  • Rosemary Whitehouse

  • Rubén Siñeriz

  • Rufus Helm

  • Safi Tracy

  • Salvador Leong

  • Samir Khan

  • Samy Dwek

  • Sarah Jolliff

  • Saravanan Sathyanandha

  • Sean Casey

  • Sean Cheung

  • Sean Clennell

  • Seán Jones

  • Sebastian Adams

  • Sebastian Wilkinson

  • Shaun Herd

  • Shelley Entwistle

  • Shelley Entwistle

  • Sidi Shatku

  • Simon Barget

  • Simon Carter

  • Simon Fyfe

  • Simon Gasquoine

  • Simon Hopper

  • Simon K Jones

  • Simon Morecroft

  • Simon Tracy

  • Sion Edwards

  • Steen Oernvig

  • Stefan Frigerio

  • Stein Posthuma

  • Stephen Booth

  • Stephen O'Connor

  • Stephen Slade

  • Steve Allott

  • Steve Bibby

  • Steve Carder

  • Steve Fitton

  • Steve Holman

  • Steve Lee

  • Steve Pickard

  • Steve Taylor

  • Stuart Mann

  • Stuart Rogers

  • Stuart Whittingham

  • Stylianos Ktistakis

  • Sue Keeble

  • Sue Perks

  • Susan Ellerby

  • Susanne Evers

  • Suzy Collis

  • Tad Collins

  • Tapio Palmroth

  • Tariq Siddiqi

  • Tasos Anastasiou

  • Thomas Breheny

  • Tiberiu Bostan

  • Tim Brown

  • Tim Cross

  • Tim Line

  • Tim Parfitt

  • Tim Paulden

  • Timothy Bates

  • Tom Ovenall

  • Tom Norman

  • Tom O'Connor

  • Tony Hall

  • Tony Lezard

  • Tony Steward

  • Trudi Seely

  • Tyson Barber

  • Vasileios Tzanetis

  • Vicky Carne

  • Vincent Nolan

  • Warner Solomon

  • Wayne Joseph

  • William Hurn

  • William Tegna

  • Willum Scott

  • Yuri Chesses

  • Zigi Fibert

  • Zoe Black