ArtGammon UKBGF Online League and Knockout

We are proud to announce ArtGammon will be our sponsor for the UKBGF League and Knockout.

ArtGammon will be supplying fifteen fantastic boards for 2023 to be won in our Online League and Knockout competitions.

We are introducing a new league winners competition with eight boards, four boards for the Knockout competition, two boards for a competition for 2022 division winners* (conditions apply), and one board for Backgammon Hub division winners in 2022.

Important changes to the league announced. 

From January 2024 divisions 12 to 15 will now play in the Hub Swiss format. 

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Instructions for entering your results

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If you are already in the League or Knockout you do not need to register again.

On submit, if you don't get a thank you message go to the top of the screen and click on the security question box.

League Rules

The League and Knockout competitions are for UKBGF members only. Join the UKBGF and then register for the competitions to be included in the next quarter.

You need to maintain your membership whilst playing in these competitions. If your membership lapses you won't be able to enter results and won't be eligible to win prizes.


The quarters run as follows:

By joining the league you are committing yourself to play all your five opponents each quarter. 

Divisions 1 to 15 will be hosted on the UKBGF Online League page.  They will play in a round robin division of 6 players.  All matches must be completed.

Divisions below 15 will be hosted and played on Backgammon Hub.  Divisions will be of 32 players except the bottom division which is very likely to have more players.  They will play 5 matches per quarter with 8 players being promoted and demoted.

It is the players responsibility to make sure their matches are completed within time.

All matches are to 11 points

For divisions 1 to 15:

Any platform and clock speed can be decided between the players.  However, if agreement can't be reached, the default position is to play in the dedicated UKBGF Online League room on Studio Heroes. which is preset to 90 seconds per point and 10 seconds delay.  This is non-negotiable if one player insists.

The scoring is 3 points for a win and 1 point for a loss. The top two players will be promoted and bottom two relegated. However, as the league has a pyramid structure, divisions at the top of a tier will only have one promotion spot.

In the event of a tie on points, promotion and demotion tie breaks will be by head to head score, then score difference (GPD), then by players online rating at the start of the quarter.  If there is still a tie it will be decided by a toss of a coin.

The winner is responsible for entering the result on the UKBGF website. Note, if requested by the TDs, a match file must be produced - failure to do so may mean the match being voided.

Online results will count towards your UKBGF online rating.  All league and knockout matches must be played online.

Players who have not played a single match by in the first two months will NOT be permitted to play any games that quarter, and will automatically be placed bottom of their Division. 

If there is a reason that you cannot complete your matches, please immediately inform the players in your division, and the TD's, as soon as you know.  The TD's do not want to penalise you if you have difficult circumstances , and will be sympathetic in these trying times.

We are also going to take a harsh view on any players who play 2 matches or fewer, with a reserved position to automatically demote them a further two divisions , save in the event of mitigating circumstances of course.

Finally those only having played 3 or 4 matches, "dead-rubbers" aside, will equally be faced with a "first warning" and , thereafter, in the event of further failures to complete matches in subsequent Quarters, may be met with automatic relegations.

If you have tried to arrange your match but are getting no response from your opponent, please contact the TDs no later than 2 weeks before the end of the quarter.

There are no walkovers or defaults in the League.  We don't award points to anyone when the match isn't played.


The knockout competition is free to all UKBGF members.  For 2023 the first prize and second prizes will be ArtGammon competition boards.

Each round must be completed by the published deadline.  If any match is not played, both players will be eliminated unless one player can prove that they have made reasonable efforts to arrange their match. In this instance it is accepted by all who enter that the TDs have total discretion in awarding the match if proven.

Note there will be instances when players forget their arranged matches. In the spirit of the League we expect both players to act reasonably and the player waiting to have made every effort to contact their opponent.  Please email the TD if you have tried to contact your opponent but have not had a reply no later than a week before the round ends. 

It's the winners responsibility to enter the result on the tournament page. If the result has not been entered by the round's deadline, it will be assumed that the match has not been played and the match will be forfeited.

Play can be on any agreed platform and clock settings.  If players cannot agree the default is Heroes in the UKBGF League and Cup room.  The winner is responsible for posting the result on the UKBGF Knockout page (top half or bottom half).


The tournament directors are Andrew Selby, David Potter and Tony Lezard.

By joining the League and or Knockout you agree that your contact details are shared with other players for the purpose of arranging matches.

When agreement can't be reached over playing platform and speed, the match will be played on Backgammon Heroes in the External Tournaments | UKBGF League & Cup room where the match is preset with 90 second per point and 10 seconds delay. 

The tournament directors reserve the right to remove players from the league and knockout at their absolute discretion.

The tournament directors reserve the right to make changes to the format and rules if deemed necessary in the future.

Some selected matches from both League and Knockout will be streamed with commentary. We will let you know if you have been selected, and ask you for your cooperation with the scheduling.

Finally, these events are run by the members, for the members, and it is your responsibility to make it a pleasant experience for your opponent.  We will not tolerate rudeness. If in doubt, please read the UKBGF Code of Conduct.

Are you ready to roll?

Michy has been playing in the Leauge and Knockout since it started in 2021.  He makes videos of many of his matches talking about his moves and is very candid about he's errors. Each one is a master class.  Check his YouTube channel for the latest matches.