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London Intermediates Friday 29th March Clissold Arms Full waiting list only Register Now

London Masters Saturday 30th March Clissold Arms Full waiting list only Register Now

London ArtGammon Championships Starts Friday 1st April

London BMAB Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May Clissold Arms Register Now

London Open 2024 Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th May

Players Championship 2024 Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th December Clissold Arms

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National Online League and Knockout Free to all UKBGF Members Only Register Now

Join us for our regular club nights at the Clissold Arms.  Details can be found here

Backgammon London  is a club run by enthusiasts of the game and is committed to put on a wide range of events in London and online with very affordable entry levels.  We run two evenings a month which are free for you to come along to.  We also run the League and Knockout on behalf of UKGBF.  This year we have partnered up with the prestigious board manufacturer ArtGammon so that we can continue to offer fantastic prizes in our competitions.

Check out our exciting calendar of events above.  You will always be welcome at our friendly events.  And don't forget to sign up to our mailing list so that you don't miss out on any of our popular tournaments. 
Backgammon London is run by Andrew Selby and David Potter 

We reserve the right to refuse entry to any Backgammon London tournaments.

Hall of Fame
Memorial Tournament 2024 - 64 players (live)

Main 1st  2nd to be played [Jason Pack | Lawrence Powell]

Consolation 1st Peter Bennet 2nd Becca Bell

Last Chance 1st Darryl Artt 2nd Larry Smyth

UK Online National Championships (UKON's) (183 players on line)


2023 Support the Juniors (on line)



Sunday 28th May

UKBGF Clubs Tournament 2023 - 130 players in 26 teams (live)



Saturday 27th May

London Intermediates 2023 - 64 players (live)



Last Chance

Open flight - 48 players (live)

Friday - Sunday 26-28th February

RAC London Open 2023 - 161 players (live)


Main (60 players)


Last Chance

Super Jackpot (32 players)


Main (96 players)


Last Chance

Friday Swiss (50 players)

Magreil Cup

Consultation Doubles

Wednesday 1st January

Clissold Arms New Year Bash 2023 - 57 players (live)



3rd Chance

Last Chance

London Players Championships 2022 - 64 players (live)

Players Championship 

London Masters 2022 - 61 players (live)

UK National Online Championships 2022 - 142 players (on line)

Support the Juniors 2022 - 108 players (on line)



Last Chance

Super Jackpot


First Place Second Place

Main Araf  Alipour Cecilia Rogers 

Consolation 1 Anna Clarke Danny DeMeester 

Consolation 2 Julian Minwalla Saravanan Sathyanandha 

Consolation 3 Stuart Mann Tim Line

Consolation 4 Larry Smyth Michael Kamintzi

Last Chance Radu Ciortan


1st Martyn Hamer

2nd Danny DeMeester

3rd Neil Webb

4th David Potter


1st Mutlu Ustan

2nd David Gallagher

3rd Sean Jones

4th Gaz Owen


Winner: Pete Heskett

Second: Franco Tosin

Third: Jysen Quah Last Undefeated

Fourth : Afshin Fould

Fourth : David Lazarus


Winner: Volker Sonnabend

Second: Neil Clarke Last Undefeated

Third: Cato Fordham

Fourth : Andy Boysan

Fourth : Jon Barnes

Last Chance

Winner: Paul Plumptre

Second: Lawrence Powell

Third: Richard McQuillan

Third: Damien Ricaud

First Place Second Place

Main: Gaz Owen Steen Oernvig

Consolation 1: Barry Gittleman Marius Marin

Consolation 2: Cato Fordham Steve Fitton

Consolation 3: Simon Gasquoine Chris O'Connor

Last Chance: Dave Pritchard Martyn Hamer

First Place Second Place

Main:  Terje Pedersen   Lawrence Powell 

Consolation 1:  Martyn Hamer   Len Brown

Consolation 2:  Neil Webb Steve Carder

Main 113 players

Winner: Charles Hill

Second: Franco Tosin

Third: Steve Bibby

Fourth : Chris Hamilton

Fourth : Brian Lever

Consolation 78 players

Winner: Zigi Fibert

Second: Roger Salmon

Third: Steve Fitton

Fourth : Bill Williamson

Legends Invitational 44 players

Winner: Michael Neagu

Second: Volker Schneider

Third: Lawrence Powell

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UKBGF Membership

Backgammon London are committed to supporting the UKBGF  We offer discounts to members at our events, and also run competitions in partnership with the UKBGF.  Membership is £25 per year or £60 for three years.  Youth membership* is free for under 26 year olds and students* (conditions apply*)

We are offering UKBGF members discounts on these events: