New League Format


We have had great fun running the UKBGF League over the last 18 months and hope you have enjoyed playing in it as much.  However, player feedback has highlighted a few areas where the league could be improved.

  • It can be difficult to arrange matches, particularly when your opponent is unresponsive.

  • Many matches don't get played until close to the end of the season.

  • You can get stuck in a division playing the same people again and again.

  • Some people are not motivated to play when they cannot gain promotion, and this can have an impact on the position of others.

  • Some opponents fail to turn up for their match, which is frustrating to say the least.

To address these issues, we have decided to make a radical change to the format of the league which should ensure that players will have an improved experience.  This has been made possible by the amazing work done by Alfie Kirkpatrick in developing Backgammon Hub.

  • From July 2022, all players in the existing divisions 16 to 19 will play in “UKBGF League” on Backgammon Hub.  

  • League is likely to initially comprise of 6 vertical divisions of 32 players, with any remaining players (including new joiners) placed in the lowest division.  

  • Within each new 32-player division there will be a Swiss format tournament each quarter. You will play five 11-point matches, one every two weeks.  

  • Players on 4 or 5 wins will be promoted, and those on 0 or 1 wins will be relegated.  

  • All matches must be played on Backgammon Hub.

  • Division winners from Q3 and Q4 will go into a competition to win a full-sized competition board in January 2023.  

  • The advantages of the new format are:

  • Every two weeks we will remind you to schedule your next match.

  • You will receive automatic reminder emails before your scheduled matches.

  • If your opponent fails to turn up within 15 minutes after the scheduled time of the match, you win.

  • If you make best efforts to schedule a match but your opponent fails to respond, you win.

  • Games are scheduled every two weeks so there is no mad last-minute rush to complete matches as the end of the season approaches.

  • If neither player makes any effort, they both default.

  • There is no obligation to play a dead rubber. 

  • There is a quicker promotion through the divisions. 

  • Instead of moving up 6 places each quarter, promoted players go up 32 places.

  • You will no longer need to enter the results.

  • You will play with a wider variety of players.

  • All completed matches will continue to be UKBGF rated (excluding default wins).

If, following end-of-season promotions and relegations in this current season ending 25th June, you finish in divisions 16 to 19, you will need to sign up for the new format on Backgammon Hub or you will not be included in the league next season.

You must register on Backgammon Hub if you haven't done so already - all very simple, and free.

You will be placed in a new 32-player division relative to your league finishing position on 25th June.

If all goes well, we aim to move all the higher divisions over to the new League format on Backgammon Hub in January 2023.  Players in divisions 1 to 15 will be placed in finishing order, in new 32-player divisions, above those transferring in July.

If you have never played in the league, or previously dropped out, you are very welcome to join the new format league provided you are a UKBGF member. If you are not yet a UKBGF member, or your membership has lapsed, you can join (or re-join) here.

To view or sign up for the new format go to Backgammon Hub