Gaz Owen wins the Memorial 2021 online and an Erhan 869 competition board.

Backgammon has a strong tradition in London. The history of our club can be traced back to Mike Main running Backgammon in Camden. When Mike handed over the reigns to UKBGF they moved to the Hippodrome Casino in London. Andrew Selby took over Backgammon in London in 2018 and took it to the London Melia Hotel for a monthly event. Meanwhile, David Potter took over the running of CityGammon based in the financial district of London. In 2019 they combined the clubs into In February 2020 all live play was suspended was suspended because of Covid but we have continued to develop some major online competitions including the UKBGF League and P-40 Knockout.

Backgammon London puts on three annual competitions. Our flagship event is the London Open (29, 30, 31 May 2021) which is being played online this year. The Memorial Championship (27, 28 February 2021) is fully booked, and The Players Championship ( 11, 12 December 2021).

We are also proud to be running the Online League and P-40 Knockout for the United Kingdom Backgammon Association with over 350 player. It's the biggest backgammon competition in the world and is free to everyone provided you join the UKBGF.

In 2020 we teamed up with the USBGF and UKBGF to produce the online streaming for the Genud Cup, an international ladies competition which was closely won by the USA by 2 points over the UK. We were joined by a world class commentary team from both countries of Chris Bray, Joseph Russell, Jooles Fetterlein, Steve Sax, Jon Barnes, Neil Kazaross, Gaz Owen, Bob Wachtel and Geoff Hall.

When the UKBGF Open 2020 was cancelled because of Covid, we stepped in and made it an online tournament. We invited Arda Fındıkoğlu to be our tournament director whilst we produced the event and the live streaming. We attracted a world class field including A-List players Mochy, Neil Kazaross, Toni Bernaba, Victor Ashkenazi and Zdenek Zizka. In all we had over 200 players in our three events.

BackgammonLondon is run by Andrew Selby and David Potter who can be contacted by email

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We give a £5 discount to all our events when you join the UKBGF. You also get access to the biggest backgammon league in the world and an amazing Knockout competition.

Prizes in our competitions are from P-40, Erhan, American Wholesaler and Katgammon.

Registration for the next quarter of the UKBGF League closes on 25th June. Join the UKBGF now to play in the worlds biggest backgammon league then register here .

TPC Winner Charles Hill with P-40

Zigi Fibert with Custom P-40 (TPC)